September 22, 2016

Shari Schreiber's Gettinbetter

Shari Schreiber is a phone coach ($250 an hour) for men who have had a failed relationship with a women suspected of having Borderline personality disorder. Her business was started in 2006.

She says that her work is to help men dismantle and eliminate long-standing, dysfunctional, "people pleaser" traits and she says that she demands this from her customers from day one. "The things you've always habitually said, like "how are you?" or "have a nice weekend," have no place with me. They waste Your precious resources, and My time."

Ms. Schreiber describes her methods as extremely unconventional. There are controversies reported on the web regarding her credentials, the content of her articles, how she treats her customers, and her public battles with others. An expertise comment from her website:

"I have worked with a variety of clients who've had multiple diagnoses. They struggled with Bipolar Disorder, ADD/ADHD and Borderline Disorder features. Two out of three co-existing disorders is not uncommon, and our treatment options must be comprehensive enough, to address BPD issues on a number of different fronts; not just behavioral, not just neuro-chemical, and not just in reference to long-held core trauma that's psychic/emotional. In essence, a three-pronged approach must be implemented, to facilitate BPD recovery. Sorry, but I do not accept medical insurance."


  1. Thanks for listening and putting this up. I’m outraged by my bad experience with this “therapist”. She runs an unlicensed online therapy practice that would have been shut down by regulators long ago if there were not jurisdictional complications. She inflames feelings of victimization in men who have been deeply wounded in a relationship breakup as a way to sell her service. There are many Internet reports of her being angry, quick to judge, controlling, and an emotional bully. Her articles are crude and immature.

    She charges $140 - $160 an hour for her clinical "treatments". She will split words and say it's something else, but her the "psychology-speak" in her articles make it clear what she is doing.

    She claims to be a world expert on BPD and a consultant to psychiatrists with 20-30 years of experience in treating BPD clients. Since my involvement, I have found documents circulating on the Internet that tell a different story. She had a cosmetology license for 15 years. In 1996 she became a licensed psychology intern but had her license cancelled. She didn't complete her internship (supervised practical experience) and she didn't pass her boards. In 2007 she opened a website to help people stop smoking and lose weight and then, suddenly, became an expert clinician on personality disorders with 20-30 years experience.

    Buyer beware.

  2. Providing rogue "after the break-up" mental health services can be a very profitable home based business. Many of these rogues take advantage of emotionally depleted people in moments of extreme despair as they search for quick answers. This is one of the most predatory.

    Why does she flourish? Because she is highly accessible (you can read her website, receive services online), she is passionate (unfortunately wrong and unhealthy), and three minutes into the first "session" you have your answer (she uses phycology-speak to say, far more convincingly than your mom, you didn't deserve to have your heart broken).

    Here your emotional wounds can be neatly blamed on our partner with absolute certainty (e.g., they’re psychopaths, sociopaths, mentally ill), you can be validated, redeemed, vindicated as the healthy one (rather than the rejected defective one that you feel like), while the rogue counselor bills your credit card (in advance of the session).

    There is no need to analyze anything - the answer is always the same for every customer. With Shari Schreiber, your ex is terminally ill (almost criminal), your family created attachment issues for you, and you are now a weak people pleaser with "mommy" issues.