July 5, 2016

Submit a Site for Listing

Website submissions are welcomed. 

Please post (submit) recommendation as a comment to this article.  We are looking for exceptional online resources - help that is free and is broad-based and reliable.

Please supply the following:
  • Title of website
  • Address of website
  • Logo of website
  • Description of website identifying the target audience, strengths and weaknesses of the website, the qualifications of the authors, any certification or oversight, and features of the website that are most beneficial to the target audience.
We will consider negative reviews if a website has substantial traffic and if the problem is pervasive and systemic. We recognize that there will be personality clashes from time to time and with respect all parties, we prefer not to involve ourselves in those. We are, however, interested in any high-volume sites that are promoting in unhealthy message And it is well documented.

While our group has the credentials to evaluate the sites, our goal is to facilitate our readers in the evaluation process.

To reach us on any other matter: Please post a response to this page.


  1. Should Valerie Porr's website be listed here. She is a BPD advocate and has a daughter afflicted with BPD. I found her book helpful and compassionate, on one hand, but I also think we need to be careful how we go about this "validation" stuff. The only thing worse for a BPD sufferer than not being heard or being misunderstood is having someone pretending to understand with some obviously scripted and shallow response. We need to learn to speak their language if we want to penetrate a BPD sufferer's thick defenses. I'd be interested in knowing how others see it.

    1. We will make this website a September addition to the listing. Thanks for your suggestion.

  2. BPD No More: bpdnomore.com is an outstanding resource for [people who want to put their BPD into remission. Dee Chan was diagnosed with BPD more than 35 years ago and after surviving an agonizing life with it, she was finally able to put her condition into solid remission. She is now helping others do the same.

  3. Lisa Dietz has a popular site named dbtselfhelp.com It is a DBT self-help website geared toward DBT participants and graduates.